Uncomfortable testing for a comfortable life.

Once an armchair is ready for manufacture, it has not only reached the design and technical perfection we strive for. It has also survived a stay in our torture chamber – sorry, our test lab.

In addition to good old durability tests with mechanical pressure against back, seat and foot, we’ve also set up our own devices in order to attack the armchair from every angle.

The armrests are exposed to a 60 kilo pressure, roughly 20.000 times. We then drop a bag of 120 kilos on the seat and test the folding mechanism in the backrest with a strong wire, pulling it backwards with a pressure of 40 kilos – about 100.000 times.

Every now and then we also pick an unsuspecting chair of the current assembly line to ensure that its quality does not drop with time.

A relaxing chair must be able to put up with some stress – actually, a lot of it – especially if it’s from Conform.